How to Trade Bitcoin

Now, presumably, you have learned how to buy a Bitcoin, an Ethereum token or some other virtual currency. What will you do with it now? Certainly now there are many stores you can go to that will accept various crypto currencies. There are BitCoin cash machines in major cities that will allow you to withdraw cash equivalent for your BitCoin.

All this is great, but the next question is how can you put your chosen virtual (crypto) currency to work for you? There are exchanges where you can trade your crypto currency for other cryptos or even for fiat currencies. Besides traditional exchanges, there are also automated exchange tools that help you day trade. We will explore a number of options you can try in this article.

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Buying and Selling BitCoin and Crypto Currencies

To start, there are already many local BitCoin traders in major cities. You can find private buyers/sellers and exchanges using trusted links: local buyers and sellers of BitCoin.

There are also a number of online exchanges that are quick and easy to start using and subscribe to:

Coinmate – Trading made simple : it’s quick and easy to sign up for and has an intuitive interface. The support for the site is top notch and they help you get trading quickly.

LakeBTC – trading, wallet, banking : LakeBTC is a service that provides a wallet and trading in multiple different crypto currencies. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. It offers lots of options for fiat currency exchange as well, and has good reviews. has a few tips on picking the best exchange for you. For example, they conclude these are key factors in choosing the right exchange for you:

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  • Good location
  • Supported coins
  • High Liquidity
  • Low Fees
  • Numerous trading options
  • Mobile support
  • Good user experience
  • Excellent security


Storing Virtual (Crypto) Currency in a Wallet